Hearing Accessories

Northern Sydney Hearing carries hearing aid accessories including batteries . We also provide earplugs to suit your needs.

hearing aid accessoriesHearing Aids Batteries

Northern Sydney Hearing stock a full range of hearing aids batteries for your convenience.

Custom Made Earplugs

Musician’s earplugs are available for protection from loud music if a person is a member of a band, choir or a DJ. The hearing is protected by a special acoustic filter and there are three different filter types available. Please contact the clinic for further information and for an appointment.

RS_Enzo_98_GlossyWhite_plastic_hook_hvid_og_sort2Swimmer’s Earplugs

Swimmer’s earplugs are generally sought after if a person has had grommets inserted or if outer ear canal infections are recurring. They are available in different colours and are easily cleaned for hygiene and maintenance.


docsproplugsDoc’s Proplugs

Doc’s proplugs are available in different sizes from tiny through to XXL. They are imported from the USA and come in fenestrated or non-fenestrated options. Please call the clinic for further information.