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The NDIS and Indigenous people with Disabilities needs

8 July 2016 Understanding the National Disability Insurance Scheme While the NDIS presents an opportunity to address the gaps between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people with disabilities, a number of challenges still remain writes Dr John Gilroy. The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) allows Australians with a disability to choose which agencies or people they wish to collaborate with to help achieve their goals. For Indigenous people, there are many positives to this […]

What if you finally were able to hear - but began losing your sight?

A woman who became able to hear is now going blind

Jo Milne’s Moving Story When 10 million people watched a YouTube video showing Jo Milne’s sobbing response to her new cochlear implants, most assumed they were a deaf woman’s tears of joy at being able to hear for the first time. However, the truth was a little more complicated. They were also tears of anguish and relief, because Milne knew she was gradually going blind, and if the implants hadn’t […]


Latest Hearing Aids

We understand that coming to terms with hearing loss can be a confusing time. Choosing a hearing aid is a major decision and we will provide you with our full expertise and attention to help you make the right choice. We’ll take all the time you need Northern Sydney Hearing is owned by an independent audiologist, which means we offer independent advice on the latest in smart hearing devices – […]