Hearing Tests

Having a hearing test is a simple and painless procedure. It’s the first step towards better hearing for those suffering hearing loss. Your test will be conducted by a highly qualified and experienced independent audiologist and all results will be fully explained to you.

Hearing tests (audiometric assessments) for adults includes an audiogram, bone conduction impedance testing and speech audiometry if required.

Your hearing test will involve listening to a series of beeps through headphones and responding when the beeps are heard – usually by pressing a buzzer. The beeps may be presented using headphones, earphones and/or a bone conductor (usually positioned on the mastoid bone behind your ear). A wind-like noise, known as masking, can also be used to help determine which ear is hearing the beeps.

From this testing we will determine the softest sounds you can hear to determine your hearing thresholds.

Hearing tests for children

Once a child has reached school age, most are able to be tested using headphones, and the hearing test is virtually the same as testing an adult patient.

From 10 months to 3 years

Hearing testing for this age group is carried out using Visual Reinforcement Orientation Audiometry (VROA). The child is taught to turn their head when a sound is heard using colourful puppets as a reward. Once the child is conditioned to this response and is carrying it out reliably, the sounds will be presented at decreasing levels until the hearing threshold of the child has been reached. Most children find this fun.

Paediatric assessment for children over 3 years of age

Hearing tests are carried out using headphone testing with games. This is called play audiometry.

A child may be asked to drop a marble into a marble-ladder when they hear a noise. Or, they might put a stamp or a sticker on a piece of paper each time they hear a sound.

We specialise in paediatric assessment at Northern Sydney Hearing and can usually complete an accurate audiogram that will show the hearing threshold of your child.