About Us

Northern Sydney Hearing operates in clinics at Balgowlah and Pymble and offers community screening programs at local kindergartens and schools. Northern Sydney Hearing is owned and operated by Principal Audiologist and Clinic Manager, Mrs. Ines Colubriale, and has been operating for more than 20 years.

Specialising in Diagnostic Services

Northern Sydney Hearing is dedicated to providing excellent diagnostic services because early and correct diagnosis plays a vital role in creating the best possible rehabilitative outcomes for our patients.

Our clinic offers the latest and most comprehensive in diagnostic techniques and treatment. Diagnostic services include but are not limited to:

  • Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD)
  • Tinnitus
  • Hyperacusis
  • Misphonia
  • TMD Syndrome
  • Childhood Hearing & Speech Disorders
  • Hearing Loss in Adults

Programs for the Community

Northern Sydney Hearing participate in community help programs, particularly targeting kindergarten-aged children who have the most to gain from timely diagnosis and treatment of hearing and speech problems.  The program is designed to help identify children who will benefit from further speech and/or hearing assessment. As Ines notes: “Early diagnosis will profoundly impact a child’s future success”.

northern sydney hearingInes Colubriale – Principal Audiologist & Clinic Manager

Ines is an independent audiologist and will offer advice and any recommendations for individuals after the test results are completed.

Ines has a Bachelor of Science with Honours from Monash University, a Postgraduate Diploma of Audiology from Melbourne University and a Masters of Audiology from Macquarie University.

She began her career in National Acoustic Laboratories, Sydney, and was awarded her clinical certificate after just 2 years’ of experience. Ines extended her passion for audiology in 1995 when she established Northern Sydney Hearing at Warringah Mall Medical Centre, Brookvale.

Ines now continues to help the community at Pymble & Balgowlah by testing children who have conductive problems and by rehabilitating customers with hearing aid technology.

Ines specialises in sensory auditory processing disorder in children. She is passionate about helping affected children lead successful lives.

It is with pleasure that Ines plans to continue providing excellent hearing care to all her clients.

hearing aid help with speech pathologySpeech Pathology Partnership

Northern Sydney Hearing provides assessment and therapy for speech, feeding, hearing and auditory processing difficulties in collaboration with Rebecca Star of Zip In Speech Pathology. This therapy can include help with difficulties related to accents, communication or swallowing problems after a stroke, brain injury or disease. Assistance with language (words and sentences), lisps, learning, literacy, speech clarity, speech fluency, stuttering, tongue thrust and tongue tie is also provided.